Over 25 years

international experience

of developing and manufacturing solutions

Specialisation in

planting and harvesting

machines for all crops

Set up as a

service organisation

with an extensive stock of standard parts



on the well known Van den Beucken Planting machine.

Naar onze plantmachines

  • Always the same planting depth, with a loaded or unloaded machine
  • Simple to install, also on existing machines
  • Depth perfect adjustable
  • Complete set, easy to install by yourself
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All our planting and harvesting machinery is approved to carry the CE marking and, if preferred, it can also be delivered complete with TÜV certification.

 The nice thing about developing a machine is that we then delve into the process together with the customer. Because it's not about the machine, it's about what the machine does and should do. And that's where the strength of Van den Beucken comes into play: we are rooted in practice. We know the processes and, quite simply, you can recognise that in our machines.  

Nick van Balen
manager at Van den Beucken Machinebouw





Experienced with planting and harvesting machines

and in developing, manufacturing and servicing them

Planting machines

Initially, we made our name in the field of planting machines with our lettuce planter. In the late 20th century, this was the first fully automatic planter. For lettuce growers, the arrival of this machine meant that they could do a lot more work with fewer workers and in a much shorter time.

Planters for all crops
Today, we develop and manufacture planting machines for all the crops that one can imagine. Our goal is to always find a carefully balanced solution. A machine that does what it should do. No more, no less. Plain and simple. And just to indicate how good and durable simplicity can be, the lettuce planters we make today are virtually the same as those we made in the early days.

Harvesting equipment

Harvesting equipment has to make your work more efficient. That is your requirement. And that's also the reason why you come to us because we make equipment that helps you bring your harvesting quality to a higher level. We mainly started doing this for customers in the Netherlands and Germany, but this has gradually spread to other countries as well, such as Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, the UK, Belgium, Norway, Denmark and Latvia.

Attention to safety and hygiene
Efficiency is no longer the only requirement for your equipment. Safety and hygiene have also become critical factors in the design and functioning of harvesting machines. For example, can you do the work at knee height? Are you protected from the rain and the sun? Don't the crates make contact with the soil?


At Van den Beucken Machinebouw, we have always been renowned for developing and manufacturing mobile machines, especially planting and harvesting machines. On the other hand, Verbruggen Mechanisatie has always been strong at producing fixed, stationary machines.

The joining together of these two companies in 2010 has therefore created a strong and complete partner for agriculture and horticulture. A company that is happy to make use of both partners' experience and expertise of mechanisation. With one common goal - to help you take all the steps necessary to work as efficiently as possible.

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