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24/7 service


If a machine unexpectedly breaks down, in the field or in a barn, this will cost you, the agricultural entrepreneur, money, it’s that plain and simple. At Van den Beucken, we are set up as a service organisation. We only have one goal in mind - helping you minimise any such loss.

 I have been very happily surprised by the machine. In warm weather the crew are under the tarp, so that it’s not so hot when having to work in the sun. And in rainy weather, the tarp offers great protection. All this makes for very a pleasant working environment and our productivity has since improved. We now can't imagine not having this machine on our farm! 

A Van den Beucken Machinebouw customer talking about their harvesting machine.
24/7 service

If you call us about a machine fault, our first question is: ‘Can you still work with it?’ If the answer is ‘no’, the next step is quite simple: we'll be there as soon as possible.


Delivery times cause delays. We therefore try to minimise delivery times by maintaining good contacts with our suppliers and keeping an above average quantity of parts in stock ourselves.

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